Aspiring Novelist Looking To Become Aspiring Screenwriter, Too

I am working on a series of novels and feel I need a second creative tract. I love writing and movies and screenwriting is something I've always wanted to get into. But since my storytelling ability has improved as part of working on a series of thriller novels, I feel adding aspiring screenwriter to my skillset would make a lot of sense.

I just got Final Draft 12 but the learning curve is far sharper than I expected. But that's all a part of the process, I guess. I'm very much an extrovert and probably have a personality suited more to screenwriting and Hollywood than novelist, but, lulz. Wink. Anyway, I have about a dozen solid screenplay concepts rolling around in my mind and I given my age and where I live, there is a certain purity to just writing a screenplay as a side project when the mood strikes.

But I am taking this all endeavor very seriously and hope to finish a first draft of at least one screenplay soon-ish.