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Art Exhibits

We're now creating unfathomable amounts of concept art, so I'll probably publish it pretty often. These are just visual ideas being developed for Save Point. With a story spanning numerous types of lives, both on earth and on an ever increasing number of other worlds. Concept art is of course critical to being able to communicate a shared vision amongst teams of artists and developers, and it's an amazing time to be alive when we can create what would have once been a lifetime's work in a single night. It's exponential leaps like this that will make it possible to create works of fiction that would not have been possible at any budget in years past.

Every image here was created last night.

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I'm in a trance-like state now. That was timeless.
Funny that you put it that way, because it felt that way while I was making it. I got into this design one night around midnight, and just kept trying new experiments and variations, and at some point I just noticed that it was 10 am, and I'd completely lost track of time. The music and color and flow had kind of a hypnotic effect on me that I felt was interesting. Good feedback to know this style palette has a similar effect for others.

This is concept art, but these giant physics driven cloth sheets are a design element that I'll eventually implement in 3d, and I think that will end up looking spectacular in some scenes.
Most of the time I create art for SP, to help communicate that world, but once in a while I just make some random art. Since these aren't for SP, I didn't think they fit in the concept art thread.

I call this exhibit "The Aquarium"