Are you ashamed of it? I wanna see it.

So we all have done stuff that later say "Why?", right? Well, I bought a Nintendo Power Glove and instantly made this video. And that's the name of the video.

I want to see your most "Why?" stuff! Let the Random Royale begin! 🤪
Wow! I wasn't able to watch the second video because it's regionally blocked because of copyright stuff, but I've seen the other three!

- Orange Sunshine. Interesting! Too long probably, the Turbulent Displace hipnotized me! 🤪
- Zen Gamer. I found actually cool the 3D-layers-footage thing. I had to stop the video to watch the asian building one! 😍
- Half Life Episode Ad. Hey I didn't found "worst of the worst" this one at all! Maybe the zooming into some shots with a bit of movement could help the "comic" format, pretty cool still!
I actually still like the music I wrote for the Half Life episode. I agree thought that Orange Sunshine was way too long.


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Anyone remember the old and they had a section called DUMPS (Directing Unsuccessful Motion Picture Shorts)? :)
It's a shame they blocked the video "Steven Segal Simulator" There was this fantastic shot where he kicked a door open, and it swung back and hit him in the face.