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lighting Apurture B7C - AMA


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I got 3 Apurture B7C lights in the mail yesterday if anybody has any questions.

Things I do not like - this light is NOT intelligent AT ALL. Its actually really dumb whoever was in charge of the interface.
The light does not detect if it is connected to AC power. It will not automatically pull from AC power.
You have to hold down a combination of buttons to go to AC power mode, and a combination of buttons to go to DC power mode.

So even if you have it plugged in and on you can't just unscrew it and move because it will have been in AC mode.

It responds to every command except "power on" while in deep sleep mode, but none of those commands wake it up. like WTF.
It will shine colors saying it switched to DC mode from AC, but then it still won't power on or do anything its very frustrating.

First you have to do a 5 second wake up. then a 3 second power on. and sometimes a 3 second AC/DC switch. its really obnoxious if you have multiple lights to go through THREE different sequences just to turn the fucking thing on.

IDK who designed this thing but ANY command you press that makes the light flicker in response should absolutely wake it up from deep sleep.
and it should automatically know if its connected to AC power.

Flipping on the light switch with AC power there is a 1 second delay before they come on.

BLUETOOTH - Does not respond to app while in DC mode if it was initialized in AC mode, and vice versa. So if you have a whole scene setup and then want to take one of the lights out of the socket you have to create an ENTIRELY NEW SETUP inside of that app, otherwise it will stop detecting and controlling the light you unscrewed.

Things I do like
The colors are clearly superior to glass tinted bulbs.
I had a row of violet blue yellow green red tinted lights in a row like a rainbow and I replaced them with the B7C and holy shit its so much better.
The wall next to the violet light actually looks very violet - way more so than it did with the tinted bulb. and it gets decently bright if its not competing with the sun.

Other things I like are obvious features like the battery. how cool is it you can have a wifi controlled color changing chinese lantern with no strings attached.
I will do some tests later in the week to compare the color quality of these lights vs my incandescent light bulbs with rosco gel sheets.
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