camera-dept Anyone ever try the DJI Osmo Pocket? What's your best shot?

I just bought a DJI Osmo Pocket 2 for easier filming of BTS stuff and vlogging. I'm impressed with it so far, and it is a really fun camera to play around with getting b-roll or vlogging.


I've watched a couple of cinematic tutorials for the camera, and I am interested in trying to get several gimbal based shots. One of them is the arcing transition. Where you arc the camera POV style and use the floor as a transitioning element.

Another shot I want to try is a spinning push in going through something.

Anyone have one of these bad boys, and have gotten some interesting footage with it?
Same company, same idea. I think the pocket is a little more substantial with what it can achieve compared to my current Samsung Galaxy. I don't want to buy the newer one for similar quality footage though.

I'm not saying its replacing your standard cinema kit, but its a nice little trick camera to play with.
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The reason I got this camera was because my phone is terrible at filming, so that little device does nothing for me unfortunately.

Those who buy a new phone every year might better enjoy it though!
That one had the camera too, it was amazon deal of the deal yesterday so I was telling people. :)