off-topic Anybody else stoked about MCU phase 4?

Also, I think it's pretty cool that they're bringing "Blade" back (albeit in phase 5). I think he and Deadpool would make a great duo.

Only thing that confuses me about this news -- they're not gonna end phase 4 with another Avengers movie? Will Thor kinda function like an Avenger movie the way that "Civil War" did?

And finally, I think the announced streaming shows should be fun. Between that and "The Mandalorian", I have no choice butt to subscribe to Disney+. Dammit, another monthly bill, lol. Ahh, who am I kidding? "The Mandalorian" alone was enough reason for me to subscribe.


Yeah I'm really looking forward to Phase 4, although it's a little shorter than I expected. It's a shame Avengers 5 isn't part of the schedule, but I guess they want to give it a break so they don't feel such a huge pressure to mirror the success of Endgame so soon. They've set the bar high - then again, the longer it takes for another one, the higher expectations will get. Looking forward to seeing how they plant the seeds for the eventual climax in the next few movies (Skrulls??!)

It'll be interesting to see how they integrate the X-Men in Phase 5. They're probably giving the concept a break too though, so everyone has a chance to forget Dark Phoenix.

As for Disney+, count me in! I'll just have to budget my student account more carefully!!


@Cracker Funk your thoughts on the Sony split for Spider-Man? Or anyone else for that matter! 😁

Personally I think it's a real shame. I mean there are definitely interesting possibilities with Venom and other crossovers, but I honestly can't see how the next film will be able to gloss over the whole backstory that Feige has developed all this time.
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