Any suggestions?

Hey guys, there is a film comp coming up at my University that i would like to enter. I have a few ideas in the works but they are mainly for short films that will fall around the 20 or 30 minute mark. The maximum length for films in this comp is 6 minutes, and i am having trouble so far for writing something that short. Does anyone here have any ideas or short stories/scripts they would like to contribute? I will give full credit, especially if it wins ;)
I bet you could easily turn one of your longer ideas into a 5 minute version.

My main question for you, though, is:

What kind of competition is it? Just a screenwriting one, or do you actually have to film it too?

'Cos advice & suggestions will vary wildly, depending on what it is you actually need to do.
No it's to make an actual film, between 1 min and 6 min long. I am trying to write something for it, but i'm not the best writer, i thought there might be some guys on here that excel in that field that might want to see their story come to life.
I'd like to write a script for you. How about you think of an idea and write a synopsis (up to 500 words, summarising the story). Then i'll write it up for you, including a cast/scene list and budget sheet.

Is there a theme? Is it advertised online anywhere so that we can see the details?