Any other game makers?

Does anyone else here enjoy making games? I've been tinkering for a few years, which is much like my experience with film. I've used Java, GameMaker, and Blender at different times and I've also made mods for other games on various development kits. I'm currently using Unity to make a zombie first person shooter (I'll link to it if anyone's actually interested).

So, any other game makers, and if so what are you working on?


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when i was in high school i used to make little computer games for fun. and i know the flash player language ver well.

but i'm just focusing on storytelling these days :)
I've written some for mobile platforms in the past. Not much money in it now as it's hard to get reviews or get noticed when hundreds are released each week :(
I have used Unity quite a bit. I got a pretty good FPS system from the marketplace and got multiplayer working. That's as far as it got.
In the past I have dabbled in creating games. It's something that comes and goes in my life. The only time I ever finished a project I started (not for any professionals just for my own benefit and a couple of friends) was when I made a game based on Evil Dead II, and this was back in 2003.
I know there are a couple other composers who do work for video games. I've wanted to try to get into that myself, but as of now, I haven't. The closest I ever came to making a game was with a game maker software on the commodore 64, so I'm not sure that counts (for anything other than old school points!)

I definitely agree with you that video games can be a powerful narrative medium. A good game will balance the narrative and interactive elements as seamlessly as possible.