Animated logo?

Hi everyone! I'm looking for a logo (and an animated version of it) for a newsletter I'm planning to launch in the new year. Very simple, just want it to look like a label on a whiskey bottle with a couple of bits of relevant copy, and then an a 3-second animated version where something slightly dynamic happens (but I don't much care what!). Figured I'd post here rather than Fiverr in case someone fancies giving it a go – can offer a fairly nominal fee ($100?). If you've done any simple animated logos before, give me a shout on this thread (or email and we can have a chat!
Hello Nate! Thanks for your kind offer, would be fun to work with you. As for the animation: I don't have any particular preferences, so long as it's not too long. Could be the label affixing itself to a bottle? Could be whiskey sloshing inside the bottle? Just a couple of seconds of motion to spice up the start of any videos... But am definitely open to ideas!
Ok, cool. On this budget I need to keep the animation pretty basic, so unfortunately I couldn't do the sloshing, because that requires an advanced liquid physics simulation setup, regardless of length.

Meanwhile, can you give me a bit of input about the vibe you would like that animation to convey? Fun, chill, epic, prestigious? I might be able to factor in that input. Also I would need the exact text of the label.

I sent an email to the supplied address, but got no response, so I was unsure if it connected.