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website An idea for a website - need advice

Hello everyone. I am a web developer, but I do photography and filmmaking as a hobby.

I'm thinking about creating a web portal for Indie filmmakers, but since I'm not that deep into the filmmaking world, I'd like to ask for your opinions. I'm not even sure if something like this already exists.

Here is what the project is about: To help indie filmmakers and non-budget films/short films during the process, and advertise them in the web portal after the film is being made.

The web platform will have 2 modes

Public projects(short films, music videos and etc) which everyone will see and people could apply to be a part of the project. For example - if the owner of the film needs an actor or editor or whatever, that would be shown on the project's page and people could apply in order to start the process of going into production.

Private projects(short films, music videos and etc) which are not shown to the public, but only to the team members(actors, directors and etc) invited by the creator of the projects. Together they have a dashboard of the project, which includes uploading files(scripts, shooting location photos), an online editor for screenwriting, an online editor for storyboards, online group chat for the projects, a calendar for creating meetings, connected to google calendar and more, with the idea that everything connected with shooting the film will be in one place and all the people involved will have access to everything and communicate with each other.

So every filmmaker can use the platform in 2 ways, either to start with a public project in order to gain cast, crew, budget, or you can skip that part with a private project if you already have cast and crew, and only use the dashboard which will have everything you need for you and the other people involved to keep everything about your project in one place and get through all the stages of the filmmaking process and get your short film for example done. Once your short film is done, you can use the platform to share it with the rest of the community(getting recognition).

I'm gonna say again that I have no clue if something like that exists, I know online storyboard and online screenwriting tools exist, but other than that, I couldn't find something like that combined together.

Is it even worth building something like that for the indie filmmakers? Do you guys even need something like that?

I'd be happy to hear all the opinions that you have. It's just an idea that I had in the last couple of days and I'm not sure if I should go through with it.
Hey, your idea sounds great!

It could be great to see the status of the crew/staff /cast requirements or job description, so the people could apply easily You could use some tags.
Eg: Male Actor: (Vacancy Status, Paid Job, Volunteers)
Music Composer ( No Vacancy) ( Paid Job)
Stunt Man. ( Vacancy, Paid Job)

Also, it could be great if you could crowdfund your project using your site or by using a link to third-party resources.

I don't know if that makes sense.
Thank you for your comment! Yes, it makes sense, I got it. And I agree with the tags, I have that planned.

Do you know any website/software that has all the features I described combined together? and do you think indie filmmakers would actually benefit from something like that?
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Nope, I don't know any website or software with those characteristics. There are some websites to hire actors and talent. There are a couple of sites like this one https://www.backstage.com/casting/

And yes, I think filmmakers could get some help with a site like that.

If your site provides a solution to a problem or your site is saving a lot of time, it's gonna work.

BTW, I'm a musician, probably you should ask for more opinions from Film Directors, Producers, etc.
Cause this sounds like a potential tool.

You could start by asking them how do they usually get their talent/crew/staff for a project. What's the most annoying part of the progress, challenges ... etc. If this could work for low budget, high budget projects. Cause you should probably aim to target your potential users.
I don't know how many are doing this just as a hobby, or as an inspirational filmmaker, and that's okay cause there's a market for everything, a business opportunity.

... but this is just my opinion :)
Slack and Microsoft Teams exist but you could build a front-end and website for filmmakers and integrate it with a collaborative software back-end.
If you could corral existing technology (YouTube. Slack, etc) into one place with a custom UI (user interface) for filmmakers that would be pretty slick.