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distro Alternatives to iTunes and Amazon Video Direct?

The online release of features or short films are very important.
Here are some places I know. If anyone wants to add more websites or locations to release films on please feel free.
-Godtube(only accepts films with morals and life lessons tho)
-Make your own website and put it on there (simplesite is good, can make a website for free.) or somewhere else
-Instagram (trailers only however)

Those are the online platforms I know to release feature films or short films. Trailers too can be released on all.
Yeah I’d love to know if there are more places to release on.

And don’t forget the success of your film in the film festivals and completions will also affect how many people search it up afterwards.


How did you get on with filmhub? Do you know if they have a filesize restriction or how they deliver the video to other platforms? (Do they compress.)

I made a 4K feature, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let that extra effort go to waste by uploading in a badly compressed SD/HD copy.
Filmhub is fussy about quality, and wants the biggest file size you can send them. They will also require captions., and various sizes of artwork. (They will give you the specs). After you upload your film, you should hear from them in about a week. Your revenue from Filmhub will be based on where they can place your film....Amazon Prime, cable TV, AVOD, etc.
Their site pretty much has all the information. http://filmhub.com Our films have all gone to various AVOD sites, mostly Hulu, so you need a ton of clicks to make any money. But for us, that's OK because our main goal was simply to have our films seen, and not worry about the money part of it. Personally, I would suggest that you put your film on Amazon yourself. It's free, it's easy, and you won't have to share your revenue with Filmhub or anyone else. BUT, if you simply don't want the hassle of dealing with the details, Filmhub will do all the legwork for you for free.