series Alfred Hitchcock Presents - Season 6 & 7

I have watched Alfred Hitchcock Presents season 1 to 5. There are 2 more seasons 6 & 7. Libraries don't have these 2 seasons DVD yet. Hulu streaming only has till season 4. I cannot buy these DVDs, they are really expensive, around $30 to $40. Are there any other websites they are streaming this or can I rent these DVDs in any other shops? I can pay $10 per season.

I still cringe every time I hear the name "Daily Motion", because a couple of years ago someone pirated one of our feature films by posting it on Daily Motion. It took over a YEAR for us to get it removed from the site. We checked out the Alfred Hitchcock shows on Daily Motion and see that all of the episodes have been "flipped" (look at the credits, the words are all backwards). This would indicate that all of the episodes are pirated copies, which were illegally uploaded by someone other than Universal. I can only imagine how many other videos on Daily Motion are pirated copies...hopefully none of my other films. (Or yours.)


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Yikes! I don't know much about the site, sorry! I thought it was curated content, but I guess it's just like a YT.