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Action, Sci-F & Horror Filmmakers...Let's Showcase Your Work!

GainesCon.com - Hello indie filmmakers, I have a new live and virtual film festival called GainesCon that showcases short films and screenplays within the action, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres. This includes a beautiful Dragon Trophy that is given to the winners on the last day. If you have an exciting short, let's see it and start shining more light on your work. PLEASE SHARE :).

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Hey sfoster, this is very good. If you enter my festival, I will accept it. Go to https://filmfreeway.com/GainesCon to setup your profile and submit. I recommend category "No Budget, No Problem". Let's showcase it!

i spent around 2k on it so it wouldn't qualify. but thanks!
never entered a film festival myself, I feel pretty jaded about the whole process lol

who cares cause its not gonna make a lick of difference either way, here is key and peele summing it up
S3 E11 at 9:20 here it is on hulu (this part not on youtube)

Making fun of "vanity videos" people that spend money on in hopes that someone is gonna 'discover' them and then just walk up and hand them money. key and peele making fun of people like that

then they show this funny video

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