acting tips for beginners?


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this is some really valuable information, thanks a lot.
i'm really wondering if i should try for smaller schools first, then make my way up, because i have zero confidence if i could make it, but i'm not sure how does it happen, should i ask to be in a short film even though i never acted before?
The way it happens is a director will put out a casting notice.
Actors will respond and an audition will be scheduled.
The actors will audition for the part and the director will chose.

Many directors - especially ones just starting out - will choose
actors with no experience.

So you should look for local filmmakers who need actors and
ask them for a part even though you have never acted before.


I need some advice on how to start learning to become an actor on my own before trying out and embarrass myself :huh:
Some Community colleges offer drama classes. When I was an actor, this how I got my start. It was invaluable. Not only will you have a structured class with an opportunity to learn the craft, but you'll meet a lot of actors who may be willing to share information. Some may be willing to share audition sources (don't hold your breath though) . Even if you don't want to do any theater, you'll be onsite for theater auditions and know in advance before the outside world does, and this is a way to get audition practice (and yes, as an actor, you need to practice auditioning.) for the shows the school may put on. I would strongly encourage you to give theater a try. You'll get to do more acting more frequently in Theater than in film. The more you do something, the better you get at it. Theater shows rehearse several days a week, unlike film,, which means you get to act several days a week, then the show runs several weeks, more acting. This will allow you to grow quicker as an actor, network and improve.

Everyone was a beginner at one point. Don't let that bother you. If you take a class, you'll most likely have someone in your class that has no experience if you go this route.
And when you're not working on a film or production, take a class. You're never too good for a class. What do Professional athletes do in between games? Practice. Off season? they work out and practice. Tthey are constantly practicing. Acting is the same. If you're not in a class, you should be looking for auditions, working on monologues, networking, etc. There is always something to be doing.
Try doing extra work so you can see what it's like on a busy set. You can basically start light and do a drama course, for beginners. That way, you will make friends with people in the same boat. And it makes going to subsequent auditions less stressful. Although it's hard, as so many people sign up.