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watch A Taste of Get Charley

Here is a little bit of a gem from a project I have been working on that has risen from the dustbin. Thanxx to Flicker for his awesome creative graphics work, web design, editing and Shawn Russell for the music. .....And thanxx again to Flicker for pushing this project onwards. Love any feedback.

Watch this FULL SCREEN for best impact !


ALSO see the website for the project. There you can watch the better teaser of the project @ http://getcharleymovie.info
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I visited the site. The 'about' section is interesting. Seems like a story with a lot of potential.

Was the title influenced by Get Carter?

Eugene, I enjoyed working on this and feel the project has potential. As a fellow Lynch fan, anything dark, gritty, and misterioso puts me in the groove. It's fun to pan for gold and come up with a few nuggets. Who knows what 2012 will bring? Good fortune one hopes!

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