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I just wanted to take a second and say a quick hello. I don't know how many members are on indietalk, but this is EXACTLY what independent film makers need to do. We need to bond together and not be rivals to one another. In my line of work, i see it everyday.People not wanting to work together because they dont want to get help, give up the power, or something. I know it is an instinct to want to be the best, to win every time, but that is what is going to make independent film maker EXTINCT.

I have had the opportunity to work in every aspect of independent film. From production, to marketing and now sales. I look forward to being actively involved and making sure we have each others back.

Take care, be well and looking forward to having lively conversations, constructive criticism and fun.

Greetings from Oregon!



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Hello there Jamie,

i am not just writing this to try to bulk up the number of posts under my belt :no: ,
i am genuinely pleased by your call to arms (each others), i'm all for solidarity :yes:
the people here who I have been lucky enough to talk to have been nothing less than the greatest help anyone has given me in this line of work. I truly can't think (and i've been trying) of people more likely to share your feelngs.
I raise my glass to you Jamie, to indietalk and to solidarity. :cheers:
and to the coming months and months of film, fun and fellowship.
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As resident grumpy puss, I say Bah to all this comradarie!

Just kidding! Who's up for some "Ravenous, Ravenous Rhinos?"

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Poke said:
As resident grumpy puss, I say Bah to all this comradarie!

Just kidding! Who's up for some "Ravenous, Ravenous Rhinos?"


yeah..............(come on, thats 6 i'm on now)...............
Hey guys (and gals)-

Well we just launched about 6 weeks ago and selling about 20 a month now. Not bad for not having any advertising or press go out yet. We have over 100 films for sale now. And have a great deal with a DVD replication company called Disc Makers (1000 DVD's for under $2k if anyone is lookin to put their films out on DVD) that will really help independent film makers make it.
oh and the shocking thing.. half of our orders so far have been from OUTSIDE the US. And 2/3 of those to the UK!

So think global!
Every time I see Indie Talk abbreviated to IT, it makes me think of the computer job.

"Hi, welcome to I.T... your cube is over there, furthest from the door. No there's no windows. Why would you want a window, man? You're in I.T.! The monitor is all the window you need."

or something to that effect.


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Very impressive, filmbaby. Considering you’ve done no advertising.

Where are you getting the movies?