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I notice you're a member of a lot of forums, and have a lot of megathreads going with barely any replies. This one is already 14 pages. My question is, do these posts work for you?
I notice you're a member of a lot of forums, and have a lot of megathreads going with barely any replies. This one is already 14 pages. My question is, do these posts work for you?
Well, lots of people seem to be using my tracks...mostly indie videogame developers, but filmmakers do as well...and almost every day someone contacts me (usually by email or social media) to thank me for making my tracks available. People donate to the site on a regular basis which helps me to pay for my synthesizers...(they aren't cheap...I actually make monthly payments on them)...and more and more people are hiring me to create original music for their projects. I've been posting on forums a lot longer than on social media, so I'd say the answer is probably yes. :)


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That's awesome bro! Thank you for answering. I was genuinely curious as these posts don't get a lot of action, but I wondered if they contacted you through other means. Thanks and keep at it man!
You're very welcome! And yeah, some forums are more active than others. It's interesting...on more than one forum I've had people tell me they joined it just to see my weekly updates. On other ones, people have actually apologized for commenting and asking me things on the thread because they thought they were interrupting my posts. I had to tell them, "You're not interrupting anything...I love getting feedback from people and I'm always happy to answer questions!" :)
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Hey folks,

Here are this week’s new tracks. Free to use with attribution.

On my Funny 6 page:


On my Puzzle Music 4 page:


And on my Urban Ambience page:

STREET_W29 – General street ambience.
STREET_W29_2 – General street ambience.

Attribution information is here:



This week’s new music tracks are:

On my Puzzle Music 5 page:

“LIGHT DROPS” – (Looping)

On my Sci-Fi 8 page:

“STRANGE THINGS” – (Looping)

And on my Techno page:


Ogg Music update:

All of the tracks on my first Puzzle Music page are now available as super high quality Ogg files for a very small fee. It’s a cool way to support my work and my site. I hope some of them are helpful!
As Halloween approaches, I thought I’d focus this month on creating new tracks that might be useful in Halloween-themed projects (or horror, etc.)

That said, all of this week’s new tracks are on my Horror/Surreal Page:

SHATTERED MIND – Surreal and disturbing, this could be used in all kinds of nightmarish things I’m sure. Easy to loop as well.

WELCOME TO THE MANSION – A haunted mansion that is. Muah hah hah!

SHATTERED REALITY – Another surrealistic piece. Might sound cool in a sci-fi project, too.


All of my tracks are 100% free to use with attribution. Enjoy!
Happy Thursday!

Here are this week’s new tracks…100% free to use with attribution:

“MYSTICAL HIGHLANDS” – (Looping) – Perhaps atop faraway mountains where the clouds drift below you. Or maybe in the quiet alleyways of an ancient city.

Here are a couple new music tracks that might work for Halloween projects…or perhaps other things:

"CREEPY HOLLOW" - Will you venture into the mist-filled forest? This track loops easily, btw.

“THE ATTIC OF SECRETS” – (Looping) – A dark, drafty place filled with long-forgotten things. What will you find?

Have a good weekend…and keep being creative!