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A little display problem me

I've been using Premiere Pro CS6 for a long while now. I just upgraded my graphics card to a Nvidia 650ti and in my source and program window, I get these colored vertical lines on the video footage. I've never had them before and I'm using the same project settings to edit Canon 7D files since I got the program. Any idea how to fix this? Searched online but haven't found a solution :(

Its not in the final render but its annoying as hell when editing footage and stuff.

Are you running the latest graphic driver? Also check your monitor cable, if it's loose, or poorly shielded you can get weird artifacts and color shifting.
Yep I have the current graphics drivers update installed. Monitor cables check out. I can playback the same footage in say, quicktime player and I don't get those color shifting bars. I've imported a image sequence and I don't get those and I've imported other video formats and I don't get those. Only .mov files are doing this it seems and I've never had this problem before until now :/
Ok, managed to fix the problem. I went into my nvidia graphics settings and under "Manage 3D settings" there's a restore button and I clicked on that and now those weird looking color bars are gone. I remember tinkering around in those settings for a PC game a little bit ago so whatever I did in there, Premiere didn't like it haha. Thanks for the help though :)
GPU accelleration issue then since it uses the cards 3D processing to speed up renders and whatnot. Glad to hear you got it sorted