A little about me:

I am one of those people who has been addicted to cameras ever since they got their hands on one. Growing up I always saw my mom with her Canon DSLR (that only took stills) and thought it was so cool. I eventually, after saving up money, got a Flip Video Ultra HD camera when I was someone around 10 or 11. I instantly fell in love with video making. Whether that be me making a short film with my friends or brother, or just making random videos of me and my friends playing around. I began to get more invested in this art and started to learn how to do some editing and special effects. Although they were all pretty crappy it has definitely helped me now. I have been working on these side projects for a while and even ended up doing some videos for a clothing company I represented called Serengetee. I am currently working on my own short film based on a post-apocalyptic world set 10 years after COVID-19. I am almost done with it and am happy to share my creation with the world.