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screenplay A happy place

Title: A happy place

Logline: A former drug-addict rejoices being clean for eight years, finally enjoying life. Or is his mind playing tricks on him?

Synopsis: Justin is enjoying a day at the park, proud he’s been clean from drugs and alcohol for eight years straight. He begins telling his story about his addictions, and that’s when his mind begins playing tricks on him, leaving him to decide if he’s actually been clean, or is he in one of his fantasies while he’s high?

Locations: The park / Justin’s room

Actors: 1 male

Page count: 4 including the title page.


  • A happy place.pdf
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In my opinion, there's MUCH too much monologue. This would work better with saying less and showing more.

You might consider incorporating flashbacks to his former life instead of talking so much about it. Then re-use some of those images toward the end to convey the idea that it might be a fantasy when he's high.

I think it's a good concept, but could use some work.
Love the synopsis lol, reminds me of this time I was repelling down mount vesuvius and suddenly i slipped and I start to fall, i mean i'm about to die, just falling, i'll never forget the terror. and then suddenly i remember, holy shit, hansel? haven't you been smoking peyote for six straight days and couldn't some of this maybe be in your mind? and it was! i was totally fine. I've never even been to mount vesuvius!