64T Kodak Super 8 Film


I have two Super 8 movie camera's that I use with Kodak's Ektachrome 64T. They discontinued Kodachrome and offer this as a substitute saying it's pretty much the same.

I know the differences between the two film types--one being the shutter speed. I know that a lot of camera's do not detect the 64T film properly and either overexpose the film or underexpose the film.

I've looked up my Camera Models "Minolta XL-440" and "Minolta XL -660" and can not find out whether they properly expose the film or not.

I have used one 64T cartridge and can process it to see if the exposure is good but....that would take too long now and I need to take some good shots during the Holiday and New Year Season.

So my question: Do my camera models properly expose the 64T film?

Any help would be great.