5D Memory Crystal holding up to 360 Terabytes Could Last Billions of Years

Blog.DiscoverMagazine.Com: ‘Superman’ Memory Crystals Could Survive Billions of Years

PhysicsWorld.com: 5D 'Superman memory crystal' heralds unlimited lifetime data storage

Nothing I found explicitly mentions using this to archive films, except perhaps the comment about YouTube. But I'm guessing digital films could be stored this way?

Might solve the the problem of archiving films long term…very long term, unless that DNA tech proves better.

Still, people, or whoever, will need a device that can read it. At least the data will be stable for a very long time. And there will probably be the problem of needing a device to read it no matter what the technology used to archive.


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thats awesome. a couple billions of years gives enough time for a new life form to evolve and find it after we kill ourselves.