25 December

Well, it's Christmas. I stopped by to wish you people much happiness and a bright future. Before you know it, we will be in 2023. A new year with new possibilities. If there ever was a time to consider changing directions in life, the new year is the time. Kind of like a possible starting line for a whole new race. That's how I see it. Remember that personal change never comes on its own. You have to work for it. Break bad habits, and sometimes say good bye to people you might be better off without. Places that seem good at first slowly reveal themselves to be not at all what you were hoping for. If you've paid any attention at all to any of my posts, you know that I like to look at things from different angles and never conclude something is this way or that without looking hard and thinking long. Ha, I've been told I sometimes think too much, as though there were such a thing. Thinking allows you to see beneath the surface where, if you look closely enough, you can sometimes see what is really going on..

Anyway, Merry Christmas and happy new year to all of you. May all of your dreams come true.

James Rogers
did anyone see the broadcast??? it was good. very honest and, well, something you don't usually see these days. I exposed myself. Not literally, but figuratively. It's been a bad day for me.