21 Year Old Independent Filmmaker

Hello, fellow film geeks!

My name is Brandon Zoey Mannino, and I’ve been making short films inconsistently since I was 12. Throughout my teen years it was mostly dumb shorts my friends and I made for ourselves to make each other laugh. In recent years I’ve started trying to take it slightly more serious, but I’m still mostly doing it for fun.

A little bit about me, I’m gender fluid as well as pansexual and go by He/She/They pronouns. I’m also a total geek all around! I love movies(obviously), comics/superheroes, as well as the occasional anime. Aside from filmmaking, I also have a passion for writing and drawing- and have even attempted to make several comics throughout my life.

I’m mostly trying to find a place I can get direct feedback/constructive criticism on my films. I’d also love to meet other people around my age who are also passionate about film who might like to collaborate or even just want to become friends.

Thanks for reading my boring Welcome Thread, hope you all have a good day!