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watch 10 Minute Bible

This is a no-budget weekend project I did for my father. It's an ongoing series, and the goal was to create a free bible study series available to anyone, but particularly to be used as a training tool for his congregation's third-world mission work - a combination of humanitarian infrastructure building & church-planting.

Since YouTube is banned in some of the countries where we operate, the materials also have to be available through a variety of alternate sources... though I'm not going to write a megathread on all of that aspect, and the solutions we have. Maybe later.

At any rate, Part 1 of 18 is now out. (12 in the can on video). I spent maybe $50 on stock graphics for the opening & closing, and the rest is pretty straightforward. If you're into this kind of thing, of course subscribe. :cool: If you're not, well give it a plug on Facebook or Twitter anyway - maybe someone else will like it, and we can drill another well, or get another village vaccinated against Polio. :)


Work-in-progress actual YT Channel:


Anyways - the keying is a lot cleaner on later episodes. The hammy performance also loosens up, as lessons go by. I need to create a custom thumbnail for the episodes, which makes it easy to identify which lesson is what. Bunch of little things like that, to take care of, before the launch on Wednesday. I'm not a fan of the framing on this - looks weird, but had to leave that space available for text boxes. So there. :)

Ah, I see where you get your acting chops from ;)

The key looks good to me on my tiny screen and there's nothing wacky about the lighting. Not much more you can say about a 10-minute talking head.

I'll give it a share on FB. I've got some family that's into this sort of thing as well.