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    movie-talk What are you watching rn?

    🎬 What a cool DP! this is the first time i wanted to listen to a pdocast after watching an episode.
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    Hi! My name is Jasmine and I'm a Digital Cinematography student.

    I know someone that went to first sail. He got a job as some kind of assistant on house of cards and then was fired and moved to alaska
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    critique advice/feedback - first steps into the story

    Written by Susan Rainter EXT. OUTSIDE THE STREET - SUNNY DAY The place outside is modern, the 2000-2020’s, but with a twist of old world feel outside. Sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Typical day - people going by, nothing much happening really. The JOHNNY is walking on the side of a...
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    pre-pro Cold Embrace of Death

    Is there a problem with the link? wouldn't be my first time 😄
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    pre-pro Cold Embrace of Death

    Yeah everything about it is good for you. That dude Wim Hof Has an immune system so strong that they injected the flu into his bloodstream and he didn’t get sick. I just really needed to reduce inflammation in my spine and I’ll be happy. I am not fully submerging until my hands stop being so...
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    lighting Study of Color

    I am happy with some of my coloring book results but every time I try to create a teal orange outfit it looks like crap!! I'm only trying to shoe horn teal-orange in bc its so popular in hollywood. but I just did a google image search of teal orange outfit and they all look like crap too lmao i...
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    movie-talk What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Zodiac Nearly 3 hour movie. This emphasis on handwriting is ridiculous. “theres no way anyone could get past hand writing analysis!” Really?? I personally can write a half dozen different fonts. Times new Roman, tahoma, courier new, etc with a pencil. But it’s inconceivable for anyone else to...
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    LGBTQI there is an I now too? Hey I learned something new! I saw a really profound documentary (german doc from the 70s) trying to raise some marginalized voices. It really made an impact on me... these people have NO VOICE at all.. those that are deaf blind and cannot see or hear. some cannot...
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    Welcome. Most of us here are not experts! (Though there are a handful) So you make other peoples music videos, or your own ?
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    movie-talk What are you watching rn?

    Woah check out the fighting style. They actually did fight like goofballs back then!!!
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    sound Free/inexpensive editor for exporting music video with FLAC Codec?

    I do not know of any, no. My ignorant advice is convert to wav and move on :)
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    pre-pro Cold Embrace of Death

    Thanks! That is definitely my approach. I didnt know that navy did this but thats really cool! Wim Hof was in ice water for SIXTY MINUTES a few months back for his birthday. Imagine if Jack did this shit from titanic??? He'd still be alive!!! He could have just chilled in that water for an hour...
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    pre-pro Cold Embrace of Death

    lol I started something. My dad got all the way in for 30 seconds!!! and my ex (not here for me - she’s friends with my parents ugh) sat down for 10 seconds. this is so important to me that im taking the slower road and not jumping in like that just yet. The consensus is that it's...
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    pre-pro Cold Embrace of Death

    I just set up the opening shot.... and my tripod head literally fell into pieces. SMH. how am i supposed to film this without a tripod
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    pre-pro Cold Embrace of Death

    I'm going to make an autobiographical documentary about my need and aspiration for ice baths. OMG this sucks, my arms still sting. but its kinda funny in a jackass sort of way