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    Lens advice

    Hey Riz, I have both the 18-55 and the nifty fifty. The 50mm is not actually a 50mm on our crop sensor camera, it is actually an 80mm. If its ur first lens, i would go with the kit lens 18-55 as its a lot more versatile. BUT on the other hand, the low light and the sharpness of the nifty fifty...
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    Lens advice

    Thanks for the replys guys. I picked up a 50mm f1.8 II and its great of a lens for the price. I love it. esp in low light where kit lens is unusable.
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    Where to learn about lighting

    Hey guys, I've never been fully compfortable with lighting. And when I thought I was, I still wasnt happy with results. Where can I learn about lighting? Perhaps there is a youtube channel or video you know of that gives a good summary? Perhaps a DVD you know of. I want to know how to...
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    Lens advice

    thanks for the reply. but wouldnt 50mm f1.8 give me much better low light capability than a kit lens which is only like 3.5-5.6 or something.
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    I have a problem with shooting outdoors.

    Check out Film Riot's espisodes on filming an inside car scene. They show a night time shot and a day time and ways to go about doing it. I find it pretty useful.
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    Lens advice

    Hey all, A new project came up that I want to shoot. This will be a short and am shooting on a t1i running ML with an 18-55 kit. Budget: the cheaper the better, as I still need to purchase everything else. This is not a commercial or a paid shoot. So I can get away with an OK quality, but...
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    Go pros are used widely in television now.....ghostbusters, hairy bikers, and various other tv shows. They will soon come out with different lenses.
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    help build an editing is what i have.

    Thanks for the reply I am not so much concerned with render time, but rather with having a system that is capable of rendering smoothly. Whenever I render now, it comes out choppy, jerky and unbearable to watch. So as long as I can render normally, I don’t mind longer renders. Matter of fact...
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    help build an editing is what i have.

    Suppose no heavy 3d modeling with matchmoving. What is a minimum system I can run for my AE and Premiere and still be able to render out videos with no lag. As that is my issue- The playback is choppy and the render chockes my ram. So once more, what is a minimum system I can run and still...
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    help build an editing is what i have.

    Also is it better to get an i7 or to overclock an i5 (i heard overclocked i5 are better than overclocked i7)
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    help build an editing is what i have.

    No guys what I meant is 700 is the least you can spend to get somewhat at least ok performance. While I want to pay minimal I still understand i need to invest. I was asking for suggestions as to what parts I need not that my budget is 700.
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    help build an editing is what i have.

    Help me build an editing computer. Will also be doing 3d modeling and sculpting. Will be working in: After effects CS5 Premiere pro CS5 Cinema 4D Tracking stuff for matchmoving (leaning towards pftrack) Zbrush or some kinda modeling software. Here's what I think I need so far. If you think...
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    Help with live action footage and CG (reference video inside)

    Hi, I came across this video and writing script for my next short, these shots are extremely similar to what I am looking to accomplish. I will have numerous shots of similar composition with set extensions. In the video, the camera is locked...
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    Hacked GH1 info needed

    So wait, what kind of an adapter to i need? Am i getting this correctly? I need one adapter to use on JCPenny lense? and i need one adaptor to use the the helios lense?