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  1. Lockdown Film - Sci Fi short

    Yeah, filmed it in my fron room with atiny green screen at the back. The app produces a blender scene. Rotobrush 2 on the footage and a little bit of moving the footage plane about and bobs yer uncle.
  2. Lockdown Film - Sci Fi short

    Guess this is my 'Lockdown development thread now! Did this using blender and camtrackAR on the iphone. Beltin'.
  3. watch Trailer | Short Film | AfterLife

    Well, here it is: Be fun to hear peoples thoughts :)
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    Release week... Oh my.

    Release week... Oh my.
  6. watch Trailer | Short Film | AfterLife

    Hi Everyone, been a while since I've been around. Been mainly burying my head in the sand and blender for the last few moths. Well, I have a new trailer for my short film that comes out this week! Its been a long road on this one, many personal ups and downs but its finally time to release...
  7. Lockdown Film - Sci Fi short

    Thanks! Very much enjoying working in Blender. Top app
  8. Lockdown Film - Sci Fi short

    Just watched Infinitus. Well done man, great work :)
  9. Lockdown Film - Sci Fi short

    Its been one big funk. Although, silver lining is I've been learning Unreal (a bit) and blender (a lot)
  10. Lockdown Film - Sci Fi short

    Hi, sadly not.
  11. Lockdown Film - Sci Fi short

    Thanks very much :)
  12. vfx Tutorial: Making a missile in After Effects | No 3rd party plugins

    Hello. Thought I'd share this After Effects tutorial I recorded with you all. Its how to make a missile trail with CC Particle World. Hopefully you might find it useful.
  13. watch Indie of the Month May/June/July - Quarantine Film Challenge

    I'm hoping to. Problem is its a pretty much 100% vfx short and I'm still doing my day job.
  14. Lockdown Film - Sci Fi short

    Hi, I can't right now. Still working full time and have a couple of projects on the go. Good luck finding someone. :)
  15. Lockdown Film - Sci Fi short

    Glad you are enjoying them. I find time lapses can unlock bits of the process I havn't thought of before. They can also be super relaxing as well. As for pre vis, yeah, story boards mainly. But would be cool to do a full animatic.