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watch Trailer | Short Film | AfterLife


IOTM Winner
Hi Everyone,

been a while since I've been around. Been mainly burying my head in the sand and blender for the last few moths. Well, I have a new trailer for my short film that comes out this week!

Its been a long road on this one, many personal ups and downs but its finally time to release this and I'm very pleased to do so.

Here's the trailer:

Here're some reviews as well if you fancy?

The original stage project:

The re-edited, re-scored version:

"A work of Aesthetic Power..." ⭐⭐⭐⭐https://www.ukfilmreview.co.uk/post/afterlife-short-film-review

"A Ransom From The Ordinary..." https://onefilmfan.com/short-film-review-afterlife/

Would appreciate any thoughts, questions or just general chit chat about it.