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    Making a feature just for YouTube?

    Happy New Year everybody. I had been planning to develop a short film but now I'm torn between doing a short or a feature, because I'm really interested in this script I'm writing which is actually a feature. I'm just curious about the practicality of making a 90-something-minute feature film...
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    wanting to make a short with $1,000

    Well, to be fare, I have seen shorts make it to the VOD market but in listening to what you and everyone else is say, the people who make those short films are experienced in filmmaking already. In case you're wondering, I did find that link as I was looking for where I could watch Naomi's...
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    wanting to make a short with $1,000

    I don't want to use a camera phone to shoot the movie. I want to use an actual movie camera but I won't spend any money on equipment. I will hire a crew who already have equipment on hand. As far as writing it goes, the horror-thriller creepy abandoned hospital plotline I had originally planned...
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    wanting to make a short with $1,000

    Nothing yet
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    wanting to make a short with $1,000

    Hello guys, I have an idea for a short that i want to make. It's a horror-thriller film that takes place in a creepy old medical clinic (or i can shoot in a hospital and then shoot an exterior shot of a clinic for an establishing shot). Here's what I feel nervous about: I want to try not to...
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    film vs digital: is one cheeper than the other? Look at that. I like the Panavision Panaflex Millennium XL2 and Platinum because when I look at pictures and videos of movie shoots, particularly Hollywood...
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    film vs digital: is one cheeper than the other?

    And you know what? I actually don't blame him, and here is why: First, I'm not so certain i support Taratino's decision to retire from the filmmaking industry just because (almost) no one is using film anymore because that just sounds rather silly. I'm glad to know that I'm not alone in my...
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    film vs digital: is one cheeper than the other?

    I'm asking because I've heard of films still using film cameras to shoot their movies with digital filmmaking on the rise. Why? I'm just wondering if some filmmakers are resorting to using film cameras in an attempt to cut down on production costs.
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    Seeking tips on investor funding

    Dear filmmakers, I've had a few concerns about using investors to get funding for getting films made. I'm almost finished my script so I kind of wanted to talk about it now and get some expertise from experienced filmmakers. The main reason why I didn't want to go the investor route was...
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    Wanting a particular actor for a film

    Gotcha, though i had no plans of telling things that personal... cuz then they'd think I'm stalking him, lol. Well yeah but given that this particular person is no stranger to Hollywood he still not really an A-lister. Yes. My reason for a budget jump was because of the kind of equipment i...
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    Are you a casting director? The actor was Michael B. Jordan, who played Oscar Grant in Fruitvale...

    Are you a casting director? The actor was Michael B. Jordan, who played Oscar Grant in Fruitvale Station. I'm currently living in Roxborough.
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    Wanting a particular actor for a film

    Hey, guys. Sorry if this is the wrong category. Didn't know where to plop this, lol. So anyway there is this particular actor (whose name I won't disclose here) I would love to have in my feature-length film for a particular role. He's not a huge Hollywood name but he does have almost 30 acting...
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    Question regarding poster and cover designs

    I had a question regarding distribution in terms of designing the cover for the DVDs and Blu-Rays for my film. When my film is completed, I do want the poster and DVD and Blu-Ray cover to look a certain way. I understand that films - for the most part - have more than one poster and DVD/Blu-Ray...
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    Product question for indie feature length film.

    I would hire an attorney for copyright clearance. Go to a script clearance service like Indieclear and have them look at your script and ok it before you take it to the cameras. I think making a small reference to other films sand tv shows is alright but still get a professional to ok it first...
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    Do you consider $2 million little or a lot?

    I went and looked it up. Was there something particularly you wanted me to see? The film is in post-production so not much information was available at the time I looked it up. Well like you just said, they think it's a bad plan but that may not mean it is. It'll just be a matter of finding a...