Seeking tips on investor funding

Dear filmmakers,

I've had a few concerns about using investors to get funding for getting films made. I'm almost finished my script so I kind of wanted to talk about it now and get some expertise from experienced filmmakers.

The main reason why I didn't want to go the investor route was because I didn't want to end up having to reimburst them afterwards. But then again, I REALLY want to make this film. This is my dream right here!

But I've had second-thoughts and maybe that's a good thing.

If someone handed me this money and said to me "Here you go, Natalie. Here's $2 million. Go make your film," I would be excited but I wouldn't have a clear-cut way of breaking down the parts of production and how much should go into what.

I've studied about how to write film budget proposals, and tips to convince your investors your film is going to sell, and more importantly convincing them that if they underwrite the film, they'll see every cent of their money again. I've also seen what goes into the production of a film looking at sample film proposals.

Now that I've seen film proposals, I sort of have an idea of the bits and pieces the money should go to when making a film.

I'm just seeking any advice, thoughts, or suggestions you guys have to offer in terms of finding investors for film financing.


Do a kick starter or indigogo, no strings attached to the investors and no worries about giving them their money back. Or just start doing work (filmmaking work) and if people like what you produce and they have money they will ask you about investing in your projects. Also is suppose to be good too.