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  • I might be interested in providing music for your project. Do you have any clips that I can look at? I love Hans Zimmer, btw. You can check out some of my work at http://www.harpstringproductions.com

    or email me at lesharper@harpstringproductions.com
    Bro what grade you in? Im in 11th an Im trying to do the same you know, get camera and everything set up for a movie I am writing. By the way what state do you live in, its not CT is it? If you are nearby maybe we can do something, get something started, who knows. Getting money at the moments for an hv30, sony vegas, and a boom mic. Oh yea suspence and action are my favorite movies to bro. If you ever get your things together let me know. YOYAGS@AOL.COM email me.
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