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    watch Phone commercial short film

    I play the guy who needs to take a shit. Enjoy this one guys
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    watch Dubsmash

    A compilation of some of my dubsmash. Have a good laugh!
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    watch My Actor Showreel.

    Haha thanks Richy, very nice of you :)
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    watch Cake All morals can be bought at the right price. Inspired by the Milgram Experiment. ~ Starring Joe Moreira and Maxi Lim
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    watch My Actor Showreel.

    My first official showreel. I've tried several ideas but this is the one which i finally managed to finish. Tried to put my works from different mediums into a reel. open for comments. Thanks peeps! :)
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    watch Sanzaru WARNING: For mature audiences only. Witnessing the murder of his father and the rape of his mother by the same three men, mummy's boy Junyang decides to kill them off in the manner of Sanzaru (Japanese for 'see no evil...
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    watch Band of Mischief Pls check it out... one of my works from past years. Starring Maxi Lim, Lyon Sim, Oon Shu Ann, Joshua Lim and Benjamin Chow. Directed by Kenneth Lee Arthur finds himself humiliated like many others in school by the...
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    watch MV shot in Singapore

    Hi guys, shot an MV on a single night with a bunch of great crew. Shot on 5D mark 3. enjoy!
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    watch My first attempt at vlogging My very first attempt at vloging, comments are welcomed! :)
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    watch The Invisible Monster- a story on time The Invisible Monster, a story that reminds us of the value of time, memory and love. A group of interesting neighbors coming together to witness an event. An event that will change their lives.
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    watch SCREWED!

    A night of drunken debauchery finds 2 friends naked, a sex tape and an attempt to raise money to the mysterious blackmailer.
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    watch Gaming Fighting scene. Comments are welcomed! :)
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    watch Cafe Je Vous Aime - Your WORST date EVER!

    looking forward to more feedback and comment guys! :D
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    watch Cafe Je Vous Aime - Your WORST date EVER!

    haha thanks Don for watching and your feedback. In all honesty, yes the lines were too lengthy at times. But luckily as an actor, i could still find the motivation behind the wordiness and hence able to digest and remember. Thanks again and do subscribe! :)
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    watch Cafe Je Vous Aime - Your WORST date EVER!

    Hi friends! Here sharing my latest acting work! Coffee. Pastries. Gun. Blood. Terry tries to get a date. Everything fucks up. PLS LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel!