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    Where do you Go to Hire a Crew, Actors, and Location Scout

    Yes, Stage 32 is the best site to find everything you needed in filming. ;)
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    looking for props

    Check out these sites: Hope i can help you somehow! Good Luck!
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    Film in Restaurants/Cafes/Bars Locations

    Try to film first on your favorite restaurant/cafe/bar. I think it would be the best if you will shoot your movie on your favorite place because it will be easy for you to capture the right angle of the place.
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    48 hour project locations?

    Try to visit the Unique Miracle Mile Property in 5401Olympic. It provides all the drama and character needed in a classy home with perfect simplicity and rustic feel to it. It is an affordable but versatile filming location that you are looking for.
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    watch Paradise - My First Short Film

    First of all I would like to congratulate you for completing your short film! So, frankly speaking, I got bored also in watching it. gorillaonabike was right, the story is okay but it can't give us the interest to watch it until the end. Practice more and for sure you can make an interesting...
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    Question for filmmakers...

    Well, our production team usually find locations in online locations directory sites such as Lights On Location because through sites like this we have the idea if the locations are available especially the cost in renting such properties. The other advantage of it is that, wherever we will be...
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    it's great! guess i'm speechless.. :)

    it's great! guess i'm speechless.. :)
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    Dark, dramatic, action webseries in production

    Looking forward to this web series of yours. Please let me know when will this be released.
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    Northern France - location

    Hi! I think you can check out some filming locations at LightsOnLocation. I think they have beautiful halls there in which you can choose from.
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    Filming Permits

    In shooting films, wherever you will do it, a permit is always a must. It must be obtained immediately so that you won't have legal issues and disruptions at the time that you are filming your movie. Read this blog as it may help you on your queries on why you need a permit...
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    The Signal -- Sci-Fi Indie Film

    I love the effects they've put in this film! A really great sci-fi film!
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    watch Harry Potter Film!

    I agree with TwinCities, maybe you should give a synopsis about it. I love the effects that are used on the spells and also the location it was filmed!
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    watch Green Day - Panic Song

    Great music video. Green day is one of my favorites and I love their songs. I'll definitely be adding this to my watch list. Keep it up!
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    Land of the Little People

    Great film! And yeah, you should add subtitles.
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    Renting an Expensive House

    I suggest you to try looking for possible filming locations on online film location listing sites because the site administrators easily contact the owners of the property. So you don't have to go everywhere just to see if the locations are possible to be rented because they won't post their...