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    My new computer has trouble reading my footage.

    To what drive are you dumping the video? Does your machine only have one hard drive or are you sending the video to a secondary drive? Generally -- all hard drives need to be formatted before use. If you buy a new brand-name PC, the root drive is pre-formatted and the operating system...
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    need to get footage from mini DV tapes to PC laptop w/o firewire port?

    Agreed. Look into buying a Firewire interface for your computer. Like this
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    Your two separate threads have been merged into one. Please create only one thread per subject.
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    How many have you seen?

    Seen 13 - good suggestions for future viewings!
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    What's the strangest film you've ever seen?

    +1 Also 964 Pinocchio
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    movie-talk What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    Italian All-Nighter Splatter Fest at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA. Grim Reaper (Joe D'Amato) - 4/10. On the tame side for D'Amato. Nightmare (Romano Scavolini) - 8/10. For a B-rate 80s horror movie, this one delivers, especially the ending! Shock (Mario Bava) - 7/10. Bava's done...
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    Backing up your files.....

    There are many ways to set up RAID. Most are no more reliable than a backup drive. It ultimately depends on what your end-goal is. If you just want a backup of your files in case of drive failure, then a second back up drive (non-RAID) is perfectly fine, easier, and cheaper. Disconnect the drive...
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    Nuns and Cannibals

    Or, the girls know about the zombies, so they release them as a distraction to escape. Either way, zombie v. cannibal mayhem!
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    Nuns and Cannibals

    Couple of quick suggestions. Change the remote town to a remote island, so they can escape into the JUNGLE outside (better setting for cannibals). Also, the Nazi warden was conducting evil experiments in the prison basement, turning prisoners into zombies. When the girls escape, the warden sends...
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    Hard Drive

    Of course, there are always Solid State / Flash drives. They are more expensive, but generally less prone to failure because they have no moving parts - and they are smaller.
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    Hard Drive

    I am partial to Western Digital, with Seagate as a close second. Seagate used to have a bad rep for bad drives, but they have fixed that and their drives are generally good now. Seagate also has a better (5 yr) replacement warranty, but I'd still take a WD first. Like this...
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    Book cover shown on screen

    To clarify, the cover artwork and design is copyright and therefore protected, hence the need for permission. Titles cannot be copyright (at least that is my understanding) so if you were to create an original mock book cover to wrap around your prop book that should be okay. However I am not a...
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    Book cover shown on screen

    Yes. Legally, the appearance of a book as a prop on screen does require clearance from the the publisher's permissions dept. I used to work for a publishing company many years ago and they have a department set up to deal with these requests. Now, whether or not they a) find out you did it, and...
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    Disney's $350,000,000 fart

    Took the family to see it over the weekend (in 2D - we don't do 3D). We all really enjoyed the movie. I thought it was great! Not the absolute best I've ever seen, but a solid B+/A- effort. I definitely felt entertained and that I got my money's worth.