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    misc What are some good ways to get around the prequel problem?

    The prequel ‘problem’ isn’t a problem if you tell a good story. Rogue One, and Monsters University are two great prequels off the top of my head wherein you know *exactly* what leads on afterwards, but the stories are good enough to carry an entire movie. Prequels are often telling you how...
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    directing Advice on directing actors between takes?

    Depends. Each actor's different, the notes they require are different, and each Director is different. I've worked with Directors who scream at the actor from video village, including in the middle of a take, and I've worked with Directors who will walk over and quietly speak with an actor in...
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    lighting Chocolate Light

    Chocolate is great. I use chocolate filters over the lens whenever I can get away with it for a certain aesthetic.
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    Help one of our longest running forum members get back on their feet

    Glad you’ve done this Nate, although I’m disappointed you didn’t take the opportunity to name it ‘Help Alcove rebuild his Alcove’ Donated
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    camera Film Cameras

    There's obviously a 'look' about film that you gain from shooting on it. Outside of that look, I think what you gain from it is a certain discipline that will transfer over to all of your work. That said, it's extremely uncommon these days to shoot film, so all that discipline is mostly lost in...
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    The username game

    I’ll never tell 😏
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    camera What’s the cheapest way to shoot in 35 mm film

    Of course, a DI/scan or even HD telecine to digitize your footage is not exactly inexpensive either.
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    action If it can't show on screen, it shouldn't be in your script

    Yes exactly. Even putting it on a character bio sheet is useless, really, if it’s not clear through their action. Anything not made clear through action is irrelevant.
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    I’ve moved: Hello LA

    So. I’ve been quiet the past few months. Why? Been ruminating and preparing for - and then executing - a country move. So now I’m in LA (for now; currently unemployed so we’ll see how long that lasts…). If you’re around - hit me up. Would love to chat (and am fully vaccinated now woo hoo!)
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    camera What’s the cheapest way to shoot in 35 mm film

    The only trick is that the cameras often rent cheap because rental houses have them laying around collecting dust (sometimes literally). You can also get good deals on stock & processing - again because it’s not used as often anymore; I’ve worked with DPs who get good deals because they commit...
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    misc Correct name of frame composition theory

    Sounds like you're thinking of mise en scene..?
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    What is most important to you at this point in your filmmaking career?

    I've seen versions of this, but mostly they are brands soliciting for pitches, and the winning pitch is given a budget to create the product they've pitched. I'm on the fence about it, but I am much more accepting of that than having everyone use money to make something for a brand but only the...
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    news WarnerMedia Chief Says HBO Max Filmmaker Outrage Is ‘Painful’

    Of course. And varying lockdowns will assumedly effect who can and can't see one movie or another (Australia for example has all cinemas open, whilst it sounds like much of the US and UK don't). It will be interesting to see if this trend continues though, as it's hardly a new concept. The fact...
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    news WarnerMedia Chief Says HBO Max Filmmaker Outrage Is ‘Painful’

    I went to the movies for the first time since March last Friday (they’ve been otherwise closed here) and was reminded why I love it so much. Saw Tenet at the IMAX on 1570 film. What a way to watch a movie. For me, it ain’t really a movie unless I’ve got a fountain soda, a giant tub of popcorn...