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  1. Am I being offered a bad screenwriting deal?

    This^^^ I'm surprised they didn't go for less cash up front and an offer of 10,000% of "net profit" because the odds the film will EVER see net profit are basically zero. Movies that do $125 million at the box office frequently never get to "net profit".
  2. Power source- extra batteries or something else?

    This is somewhat skewed because we used the same batteries for the 5" monitor, but I usually had about 12 batteries on set. A couple "real" ones and about 10 Chinese knock offs. You should be able to get a car adapter for the charger as well. This was Canon for me, but I imagine the same for...
  3. Police Lights?

    I bought some on Amazon, very bright, bright enough to be visible on a wall from 30 feet away for a shot. They're out there.
  4. How much does an indie film (non US production) without stars may be sold?

    That sounds about right. I met some folks who made a zombie musical The Dead Inside. I think it cost about $500K to make. It sold to a company I used to work for. I think for about $150K. It's a bitter pill when your SUCCESSFUL $400K film sells for $100K, but that's just reality these days.
  5. Do lens converters degrade quality?

    "any decent lens massively out-resolves the (relatively) low-resolution sensors used by video cameras." This. The resolution of any quality lens is so far beyond what any DSLR or camera costing under 100K can resolve that it will make zero difference. The resolution of the camera sensor will...
  6. theatrical release for a movie shot on compact camera?

    As others said, plenty of films shot on SD video were released in theaters.
  7. Do lens converters degrade quality?

    ^^^ This all sounds very scientific. However, that doesn't stop it from being completely wrong. The performance of the lens doesn't change, not even the teeny, tiny, slightest bit based on what camera you put it on. The optical properties of the lens are what they are. The camera doesn't effect...
  8. Do lens converters degrade quality?

    Will has it. If there is no glass and only a slight distance increase from lens to sensor you won't lose any quality. I never shot one second of footage on my Canon 5D mk2 using canon lenses. I always used adapted lenses.
  9. does a 7d eos look as good indoors as out?

    It looks just as good. The camera doesn't care about indoors or out. You just have to light it. Indoors with nothing but practical lights... It will look like crap, just light an Arri would, only worse.
  10. Squibs for bullet wounds?

    ^^^ This! NEVER use explosive squibs unless you can afford a pro. There are other methods available, do a google search.
  11. vinyl and legality

    If you ever had a chance at distribution then specific copyrighted albums will almost certainly be an issue. For just giving it away on youtube, you're probably fine. I actually had a graphic designer design some covers and recorded the music for the records for my film The Island.
  12. Writing Theory of Shortfilms

    I look at a short like a joke (though it doesn't just apply to comedy). First you have the setup, then you have the punch line. Not time for much else in 5 to 12 minutes.
  13. looking for a light meter

    Yes, our main monitor has a nice false color feature that usually subs for a light meter. To me the real heavy lifting of the light meter is knowing what you have in the partially lit areas more than the key light right on the talent's face.
  14. How to Light a Dark Scene ?

    I would also over light it then bring it down in post. That will solve most of your noise in the background issues.
  15. what lights are suitable for shooting film

    Or rent, which is what I have usually done. I finally put together a decent set of Mole Richardsons that allowed me to only have to rent a grip kit (flags, c-stands, etc....). Just saw Ghana, which may r may not limit ability to find a place that rents.