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  • If you are looking for some fun, check out http://www.GFCmedia.net/72 - we're sponsoring a 72 Hour Film Project this summer. Send an e-mail to 72@GFCmedia.net and we'll send you some suggestions. Make a short film using the suggestions and send it back. If we like it you will get a prize & bragging rights!
    i'm still in school and the only chance for me to film is for a filmfest every april (school competition). I won best director's award this year (my first time entering). but it's not much of an accomplishment as not much people are interested into filmmaking. most of them do it for fun. i'm not saying i dont enjoy it, but for me it's a little more serious :P

    i'm already writing a new script for next year and posted the storyline in the screenwriting forum! check it out :P

    and u can follow me on twitter so we can talk about writing :) twitter.com/jrhmy heheheeh not advertising LOL
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