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  1. diy Failed Projects

    This sounds like a nightmare!! Hopefully you got through it.
  2. diy Failed Projects

    I love stories like these.
  3. diy Failed Projects

    That's awesome that you were able to make it work!
  4. diy Failed Projects

    That's a positive spin! Good work!
  5. diy Failed Projects

    As I edit the old footage together I see how hard it would have been to finish it after the actor left because scenes were missing and if we were to reshoot the whole thing, a lot of locations and the vehicle we used for the getaway car were gone
  6. diy Failed Projects

    I guess I should have added the point that one actors hair would change drastically forcing us to reshoot whole scenes and him not showing up on days when we had already shot the majority with him stretched the shoot from a couple of months to a couple of years where he was saying he wanted to...
  7. diy Failed Projects

    My writing partner and I met in early 2013 and by the middle of the year were making our first feature length bank robbery film. The thing was, we mentioned that we wanted to film a bank job in this old bank in our city and through mutual acquaintances we were able to get the keys and have full...
  8. diy Failed Projects

    So, I want to hear everyone's horror stories about projects that took a nose dive and never happened or if they did, turned in to the farthest thing from the original idea. Sometimes projects just never take off and that's fine but it's the ones that you put the blood, sweat and tears in to...
  9. film-school Do I need film school?

    I had dreams of going to film school most of my life but thenone night my friend introduced me to someone who wanted to be a filmmaker as well now like eight years later we are best friends and filmmaking partners. It doesn't always happen like that. I was extremely lucky but I guess the whole...
  10. watch Horror Filmmaking

    Still making my way through these but I really love The Hag in the Hills! I wanted to see more!
  11. watch Horror Filmmaking

    No, I want to though. The next outlast is suppose to be VR and I'm terrified lol
  12. watch Horror Filmmaking

    Thanks! There are a lot of things I wish we did differently. Some stuff was cut or changed for time and budget but I'm pretty happy overall. I produced and did the story as well as playing Marky because some of the cast dropped out. I'll check out your stuff today!
  13. watch Horror Filmmaking

    I also play a lot of horror games and I'm playing through The Blair Witch now. The outlast series has to be the most horrific I have played though.
  14. watch Horror Filmmaking

    I'm a huge fan of found footage. I'm the only one in my group who is so my pitches for found footage films go unanswered or with confused looks most of the time lol. "As Above So Below" is fantastic for what it is. Also, I would love to check out your script sometime.