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    I just wrote out a scene about a ships stored in space.

    I like this story. It reminds me a little of HP Lovecraft. Keep chipping away at it. Would love to see your completed work!
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    It's a great feeling

    It's a great feeling
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    DM me! I would love to talk.
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    howdy doody

    Please DM me! I have Adobe Premiere, Audition and animation experience and would love to chat with you about your ideas.
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    Trying To START Something

    My name is Sean. I started an account on indietalk over 5 years ago. Recently returned to explore this forum once again. Pleasantly surprised that everything is much the same as it was. I live in Southern Missouri area. Currently searching for someone to collaborate with on production and small...
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    Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

    It's stand alone. Same characters, but it basically acts as a re-telling, or re-imagining of that dystopian world. You'll find that Furiosa is more the prominent character than Max, himself...
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    Does anyone know how I can learn very very good dialogues?

    Watch Quentin Tarantino's movies and become a "people watcher". Observe behaviors, mannerisms, and natural conversation that occurs organically in day-to-day life. It has helped me with my dialog skills.
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    Best way to mount camera on a vehicle (limited budget)?

    I'm using the Nikon D5300, so that's a very compact and portable camera. I'm equipped with a Takstar interview mic as well. Got a tripod, filter set, 70-300 SLR AND 18-55mm lens... Pretty much the whole works (Except for a good dolly system. I'm working on that).
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    Best way to mount camera on a vehicle (limited budget)?

    Thanks for the input & suggestions. I may use both the plate/ratchet technique and the truck bed technique in the end. We'll see how it works out for the environment I'm filming in.
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    movies What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    "No Country for Old Men" Instant classic for me. Spectacular script, cinematography, and acting. Javier Bardem's best performance yet. TLJ was also impeccable. 9/10
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    Should reshoot this whole short to fix the continuity in one shot only?

    They seem to be ruining all of the classics for profit. There's a plentiful supply of talented, original screenwriters out there, but these greedy film studios are looking to capitalize on familiar names/faces. Pathetic, really. True Grit (2010) should never have happened.
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    Best way to mount camera on a vehicle (limited budget)?

    I'm writing an original screenplay where I will need several potentially hazardous shots of characters driving down a street. Is there a safe and economical way for me to achieve that "hoodtop" angle without investing big $$$ in a professional-grade mount?
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    What can I do improve this thriller cinematographic look?

    It's matter of convenience for me. For some, using the filter is redundant to the already-existing white balance. Depends on the conditions and the strength of said light. Different cameras respond differently to fluorescent filters.