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  • hey im working on a horror short and a feature the short is being shot next week and the feature sometime this year hit me up
    hi dis is kavya...from india.....i'm an aspiring director......dng my in animations.....i'm planning to do a short film.....i've done a musical video album earlier....the thing is i'm not dat good at script writing.....can u help me with some script...that would take min budget to finish..
    I may have a bit of work for you in future....just to give your musical mind an idea, I'm thinking of doing something with a character only seen in mirrors....might want some music for that-details to follow :)
    Just wanted to wish you a great Easter, and curious what you have on the go these days as far as film?
    I'm doing well enough I guess :). Currently starting a second film short, as well as doing research for a book about masks. I'm hoping to get enough shorts together to put a feature together-like the Twilight Zone movie as far as compiled short films into one. The second film, like the first, has no dialogue, just ambient sounds. Eventually like to put music in, which is why it's great to meet you-I may have work for you in future. Is there a certain type of music you specialise in?
    very impressed with all the films...excellent quality...I gotta say Twisted was my favorite followed by Miss Laid...I would love to be apart of any or all of your 3 upcoming short films...I can send you a song I wrote recently so you can get an idea of what Im capable of, but not limited too right now...whats ur email?
    You can see some of my films here:
    I'm also a musician, actually I was a musician well before I was a filmmaker, but it get tough when you wear too many hats in a production.

    I have 3 short films I'm planning on shooting this spring-summer, one is a drama and two are horror.

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