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    How do you audition well established actors?
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    Paper Man Promo

    What midlife crisis. Men have them at any age.
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    SHOT LISTS (new article)

    I agree fully. Planning cuts down on the errors that are waiting to happen. Elly
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    Where do I post a message and how do I pick a subject? Elly

    Where do I post a message and how do I pick a subject? Elly
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    Rights To Song Being Performed

    Does anyone know if the rights to music have to be purchased if being performed in the film by and independent performer or performers such as band or singers or dancers performing to a song. Thanks Elly
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    Ultra Low Budget-sag

    Sag Ultra Low Budget Thanks for the information. do I interpret what you say to mean that the salaries don't have to be paid until a distribution deal is received no matter how long that is. The main reason I am interested in the ultra low budget sag contract is not the deferrment but the...
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    Ultra Low Budget-sag

    Has anyone had experience with ultra low budget for Sag? As I understand it the maximum for production is $200,000 plus deferments for a total of $500000.My questions are: 1. Does this budget include post production? 2. Sag doesn't spell it out as to how long payment can be deferred. Elly
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    Who needs millions to make a flick?

    Limbo I had to be negative, but if the deferrments, and freebies are added in, I dont think the budget would really be considered. $9000. Elly
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    A little bit of theory: Is a director an artist or a craftsman?

    Director as artist I think there should be two directors-co directors. One working on the technical end, and the other on the vision , maily working with the actors who take up a lot of the director's energy. Often the actor is insecure and needs reassurance from the director, and in some...
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    watch Another test

    Another Test i LIKED IT BLURS AND ALL. eLLY :yes:
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    Besides financing what input do co-producers usually have. Cast , location, musice? Elly
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    Autism Documentary looking for help

    grant for film I would be interested in helping out both in cash and advice. Keep me informed of your progress. Elly :yes:
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    Actors? funding? where to begin

    As a former filmmaker and a potential investor I would want to see a completed work at least 5 minutes, I would expect you to put in a sizeable amount of cash or equivalent-I would want you to risk something. I would expect you to have a detailed budget including post production. That would be...
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    Hijacking a thread!: Let's play What If...

    I think the idea of an affiliation of independent filmmakers to exploit digital venues in local cinemas is a great idea. I think it is good enough idea for me to make a cash contribution when the time comes. I hope its not just talk. Elly
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    Mexican TV

    I have shortened a version of a film shot in 35mm and transferred from vhs to dvd that I am now adding subtitles to. It is a feature film shot in 1997 in Mexico which I produced and co-directed. I would like to have my agent contact Mexican TV because I believe it would be suitable for it. Do...