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    watch LEGO Batman Brickfilm

    haha! I genuinely laughed! (love RD). I think the walk cycles need some work, but the motion was smooth and you have a good sense of timing. loved the Joker's different dances, especially the hip thrust and then the head spins. Nice work!
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    color-grading How can I color grade without breaking the image

    I ended my post with that question ;)
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    color-grading How can I color grade without breaking the image

    LUTs are not for grading. They're for transforming color spaces. What kind of footage are you starting with?
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    marketing Printing Theatrical Film Posters

    I've had great success with Poster Burner. I get the 24x36 ones made for all my films and they look gorgeous. I think it cost around $18 per poster (but I only ordered one of each)
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    directing Who here is making a movie or short film?

    I'm wrapping up production on my fourth feature. I still have three days left of filming, and most of what we've shot has been cut. I'm also working on a few short films to experiment some new techniques and ideas.
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    misc What part of the film making process is most painful

    For me, it's definitely finding locations and actors. I enjoy every other part of the process, but on all my movies (shorts and features) casting and getting locations secured is always the most frustrating part. I'm in the middle of my fourth feature right now. We shot the majority of the...
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    distro Physical Vs. Digital Home Video Release

    I do. I live in the country where I'm lucky to get 1.5 Mbps down with my internet. Streaming is not an ideal option, so I purchase blu-rays for movies. Plus I like the extras and want to watch to the movie in the best quality I can (without a 4K TV). I know I'm not the only one
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    announcement Welcome to indietalk 3.0!

    The email bit threw me. I have like ten different emails I use so it took me a while to find the right one as well as figure out my password. New site looks great though
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    pre-pro Scheduling and Budgeting Software

    In my experience, you really can't beat Movie Magic.
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    pre-pro Your Next Project

    My day job is currently working as a VFX sup at a small house, but my heart is in making my own projects. I just wrapped a week of filming in Montana for my fourth feature film called, "Surviving the Wild". It's based on my time being homeless in the mountains. We have one more week of...
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    actors Have you ever watched any movie with a really sexy character?

    Since you reference Bound, why not see how they wrote it? https://www.imsdb.com/scripts/Bound.html
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    social-media YouTube giving creators $0

    I kind of agree with it. If my feature films that I have are "Christian content", then I would expect advertisers that are friendly toward such. However, I get a lot of what I would consider inappropriate comments daily that have to be deleted. It sounds to me like YouTube is just wanting...
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    Day Jobs

    AcousticAI brings up some good points. I've done the freelance thing too and in a way I prefer it over my current situation. The problem with "working in the industry" is that you're working on other people's projects, making their vision happen. For me it sucks a lot of the fun and...
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    Day Jobs

    I'm a visual effects sup at a small company by day, and I use my nights and 3 day weekends to pursue directing my own stuff.
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    movie-talk Best short film you've seen recently?

    I feel that a short needs to be less than five minutes to keep someone's attention. There are exceptions for going longer, but generally no. The beauty about a one minute short is that you're not asking someone to commit a large chunk of time to watch your film. Even if they suspect it might...