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  2. news Bond’s Ben Whishaw Wants Gay Actor to Replace Daniel Craig, and He Knows Two ‘Ideal’ Men

    Bond is straight male that loves/lusts after women. That's who the character is. Why not, instead of trying to change a classic character, they invent new ones with the traits they'd like to see? If Hollywood feels that a character is no longer relevant or relatable, then maybe it's time to...
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  4. news ‘Free Guy’ Edges Out Day-and-Date ‘PAW Patrol’; ‘The Protege,’ ‘Night House’ and ‘Reminiscence’ DOA

    I saw Reminiscence on Friday and I loved it. Such a great concept. However, my wife and I were the only ones in the theater. I think the marketing on that film was severly lacking. I can only recall seeing one trailer for it a few months ago, and even then the trailer didn't give too much...
  5. directing Why I give credit to EVERYBODY

    This. My last feature could not of been made without the help of my lead actor. Without asking, he stepped up and bent over backwards to make sure we had everything we needed. I made him an executive producer because without him, the film wouldn't have been nearly what it was.
  6. phones-apps Cell Phone Cam Alternatives to DSLR?

    Thanks! Would love to see your take on it!
  7. phones-apps Cell Phone Cam Alternatives to DSLR?

    I shot this on the iPhone 11 Pro with the FilmicPro app. I usually shoot with an URSA Mini, but this was a spontaneous shoot, so I just used my phone. Aside from some slight oversharpening, I was pretty happy with the results. Having the three lenses to chose from was nice.
  8. video Editing Advice, Please

    This might help you. It's from a channel I don't post to much anymore, but it's a workflow that ingests with Resolve, cuts in Avid, and finishes in Resolve for color
  9. video Editing Advice, Please

    I'm at work and haven't watched the video, but I can comment on your timeline. First, glad to see another Avid editor here :) Second, checkerboarding dialogue is good, especially for getting your J and L cuts, but your video should all be on one track unless absolutely necessary. This will...
  10. camera-dept Drone

    I have the Mavic 2 Zoom and really enjoy the look I get with it. The parallax when zoomed in to 48mm is gorgeous!
  11. file-related Converting raw footage

    What are you editing with?
  12. The Making of "Leap: Rise of the Beast"

    A two hour making of documentary that conists of the daily vlogs and fly-on-the-wall setups during the process of shooting a feature film for $2000. Watch as I go from my delusions of grandeur to reality and pull off a $2000 film that now has around 1.5 million views on YouTube.
  13. Leap: Rise of the Beast 10 Year Anniversary Commentary

    Ten years ago, we shot ROTB on a Canon T2i with just the kit lens. The film is available on my channel for viewing, but I figured the commentary might be of interest to filmmakers.
  14. pre-pro A New Way to Storyboard for iPhone

    I do wish there was a desktop version that would sync with the mobile. Then you could build your scene at the computer and still take advantage of the AR camera exploration and shot finding.