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  • hey sorry for the late reply..i was on a game project and din come online,well firstly thanks a lot for the reply,k lets start Aah yeah i do have frnds who r willing to act.... hhmm..4 guys and 3 gals i want my short to be for about 5-10 min cameras as we are planning to do it with a micro budget we night go with sony handy cams editing...Adobe Premier Pro and Genre ney thing is fine xcept comedy and horror
    but it would be more better if you can touch the audience wid some feel by the end of the short... thanking you awaiting for your reply at the earliest...:)
    hi dis is kavya from india i'm an aspiring director......i've dne a musical video album earlier and planning make a short.....but the thing is i'm not that good at script writing....i'm still a student...can u plz help me with a small and simple script that would take micro budget to finish it.
    i'll be really thankful to you if you help me hope u will.....thanking you in advance awaiting for ur reply at the earliest
    hey can u help me in getting through this film industry....presently i'm doing my graduation( Bachelors degree) in Animation....and i'm planning to do ( my Masters) Post graduation in film making in abroad.....can u help me out in giving suggestions....thanking you in advance...awaiting for ur reply
    Yeah, I'm all about making low budget films look like huge blockbusters with cheap VFX. I mean sure, who wouldn't want the dream job working for the big studios, but then you get away from the Indie films. I like working with indie films for the sheer creative freedom.
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