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  • They did a fair bit of rewriting actually. But I wouldn't be happy unless it was a true to every word 6 hour long faithfully honest as a nun adaptation of the book lol
    Haha, good stuff.
    How can it have an ending though? It ends in the middle of the story line :/ gotta wait 6 months for the ending lol
    Yo, what are you up to?
    I'm in my computers class and I thought we had our exam today and I was like 40 minutes late and I was freaking out, but then it turned out we are just doing revision (which is handy, since I've been to like, 3 classes this semester), so yeah, I'm bored.
    What time is it over there? Have you seen Harry Potter yet? We saw it last night. My god there were a lot of complaints from me afterwards :D (but that's half the reason I watch them).
    Hey man. Read your post on doing a western. That's cool. Interested to see how you tie it in with "fixies" and hipsters. But would just like to reiterate that I highly recommend you watch Once Upon a time in the West. At first you might think it's boring, but watch it as a film maker. I mean it has Everything. Especially sound. This movie maximizes use of camera angle and sound. And like Zensteve said, I would really like a copy of AntiHero myself.
    Dude... life's too short to be taking personal offense at other people's opinions. :cool:

    Hook me up with a copy of AntiHero when it's done, btw. :blush:
    Well, I'm absolute professional. At crastination. I am a professional crastinater. You might say I'm a "pro" crastinator, the best of the best.

    I need to finish "Antihero" before Nov. 1st, cuz that's when I give the rough cut to my composers, and wow I have a lot of editing left. I will not be dressing up like a slut and getting drunk this year.

    I'm glad you've been good lately. I have a just a few hours break before I gotta get back to work, so I'm gonna nap now. Cheers!
    Lol, but you guys have trick or treat and stuff like that. People don't do that here.

    I've been pretty damn good, feeling really positive lately. Trying not to think how long it's gonna last :P
    How are you?
    You fail :P I haven't decided if I'm going out for Halloween or not. It's not really a big deal here, pretty much just an excuse for young people to dress like sluts and get drunk. If I do go I'm probably gonna do the whole white sheet with eye holes cut out thing. I've done that before and it was a pretty big hit. Scott thinks it's lazy, but I think it's cheap lol.
    Aw yeah? Left it kinda late haven't you? Easiest thing to do is go as a something, not a someone. I mean like a general character, not an actual person or character from a tv show or movie. That way your costume doesn't have any rules.
    The 5th? I'm guessing that means 5th Amendment, but I don't know what that is. Your right to be innocent until proven guilty? I'm just guessing from watching American tv and movies...
    I see you sent yourself another message. To respond to that, yes, that's Scott. No it's not wrong to want a little company.

    to answer your other message. Is 4:20 the code the cops use that has something to do with marijuana? I think that is an American thing, police codes are probably different every where. Once you said about marijuana I realised what you were talking about.
    Why are you making drug jokes? I didn't think you were a smoker. Not that you can't make jokes about smoking weed if you don't actually do it, or that I have a problem if you do, I'm just curious and slightly confused. :P
    That is, in fact the most awesome thing I've seen (this morning). Is that Scott? He doesn't look like Adrian Brody in this video.

    And, yes, I know I sent that message to myself. Sometimes I just need a little company, is that so wrong?
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