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    Is self-promo for photography okay?

    Thanks, sfoster. I also now have a website. www.guerrillawithacamera.com :D
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    Is self-promo for photography okay?

    I don't know if this is allowed here. My apologies if I'm not supposed to post this. I'm working on building a photography business. I'll have a website soon enough, but for now it's my insta - instagram.com/guerrilla.with.a.camera
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    Comment by 'Cracker Funk' in media 'detours poster large.jpg'

    My favorite Paul Sorvino quote -- he said "You're not an actor if you've never worked in the service industry. It's part of the training."
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    Comment by 'Cracker Funk' in media 'detours poster large.jpg'

    I'm a little biased in my vote for this poster. Mara hired me to be the BTS person for "Detours", with Tara co-producing. I don't wanna air my dirty-laundry but suffice it to say that I bit off more than I could chew. Some people on set weren't so kind to me but the entire production team of...
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    movie-talk What's the last film you watched? And rate it!

    I LOVE "Peanut Butter Falcon". I haven't seen "Honey Boy"; probably won't now, based on your review. "Peanut Butter Falcon" made me laugh and cry and all the best ways.
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    Rose McGowan Slams Portman’s Oscars Protest Dress: ‘She’s Worked With Two Women Directors’

    Meh. I don't fault Ms. Portman for going where the paycheck is. Hollywood has a tendency to chew up and spit out young actresses because they're constantly looking for a fresh young face. I hate to say it but McGowan is one of the women this happened to. It's nice to see a talented female actxr...
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    story Using Paul Schrader's metaphor method for a story

    NA meetings aren't led by counselors. The only people who attend NA meetings are recovering addicts. There is no group leader or counselor. Your story still works, but for sake of realism, I'd make it a generic support group for recovering addicts, one that is led by a licensed counselor...
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    Is ‘Parasite’ the Most Important Best Picture Winner Ever? Film Critics, Hollywood React

    Lol, you kinda just made my point, Alcove. :P
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    It Took Roger Deakins Decades to Win an Academy Award, Now He’s Won Two Oscars Two Years Apart

    Agreed. I love "Life of Pi" and yes, it's gorgeous. But of course the argument could be made that it doesn't really have much actual cinematography, as opposed to beautiful CGI.
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    Is ‘Parasite’ the Most Important Best Picture Winner Ever? Film Critics, Hollywood React

    I don't think I'd use the term "important", cuz really, what the heck does that mean? The historical significance, however, cannot be denied. First of all, I like the fact that the Academy changed the name of the first award "Parasite" won from "Best Foreign Language Film" to "Best...
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    Friends and family - that's who most first-time filmmakers tap for cast.
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    festivals Film Festivals

    IMO, the best festivals to submit your film to are the festivals that you would actually be able to attend, should you get in.
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    off-topic Anybody else stoked about MCU phase 4?

    Thank goodness they worked out a deal! Especially with the cliffhanger at the end of "Far From Home", it would've been a crying shame for Sony and Marvel to make the split right now. I read that apparently it was Tom Holland himself who made the reunion happen. Good job, Spidey! :D
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    plot Focusing on a single project for this year...opinion on premise wanted.

    I agree with this, and I think a good way to fix it would be to end the movie on a cliffhanger. No way in hell would Dad just give up on looking for his daughter. He still takes in this new girl, and when she discovers what he's been up to, she insists he take her in under his wing so that they...