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  1. story Sending the main idea of screenplay before writing it

    Well, Yes and No "Yes", the vast majority of ideas, even great ones, do not constitute anything except the potential for a great script; there simply is not enough material to flesh out the idea into a fully materialized screenplay or TV Series. It is only after a considerable number of...
  2. story Screenplay adapted to Webtoons

    Yeah next episode 02 is much harder ugh
  3. story Screenplay adapted to Webtoons

    Oh, I cannot draw. I paid an artist on fiverr to convert a comic script to a series of webtoons images that i uploaded. I was hoping he could do it straight from the screenplay I wrote but he needed some more direction. I think comic artist use Clip Studio Paint application
  4. story Screenplay adapted to Webtoons

    Hi everyone, Check out Episode 01 of my original webtoons story, "Rebecca's Ladder". I adapted it from a screenplay I wrote for a customer who was gracious enough to allow me to publish it as a limited webtoon series. I really like this format and curious if anyone else here has ever adapted...
  5. news ‘The Sons of Sam’ Trailer: Netflix Docuseries Asks If David Berkowitz Really Acted Alone

    Great documentary, just finished watching it... Maury Terry's instincts were spot on and clearly, the idea of death cults secretly running at the highest levels is one I have believed in for years.
  6. news Best Screenwriting Books Every Writer Should Read

    I loved Bill Moyers documentary series by the same name. I tried employing some of the ideas therein in my last short story, "Rebecca's Ladder", my own contemporary take on "Diotima's Ladder of Love" and the "Heroes Journey". A simple love story of a romantic couple who both ascend the rungs...
  7. news Best Screenwriting Books Every Writer Should Read

    Unknown Screenwriter suggested this one. I had it on pre-order and received it a few days ago... The Hollywood Standard, (3rd Edition just released). Although I have not yet finished it, I am enjoying it much more than Trottier's book. It is short and sweet with beautiful examples.
  8. misc One page challenge

    Ahh, this was something I picked up when I studied NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming
  9. misc One page challenge

    One trick I have used to maintain individuality in my characters is to establish if he or she is visual, auditory, kinesthetic or cerebral and stick with that idea in their actions and thoughts .... For example I think that sounds great (Cerebral) Sounds great (Auditory) That looks about...
  10. misc One page challenge

    I think what she means is ... when you are listening in on a conversation and there's something being said that you want to listen more...that's the good stuff...Analyze WHY its so captivating that you want to hear more of it. Also, it helps to avoid the writers voice taking over all of the...
  11. misc One page challenge

    There's so much to dialogue that it's almost impossible to get "just right". In my short time as a writer I am starting to realize that the more dialogue I write, the more I leave myself exposed to mistakes. In fact, I now ask myself if there's any way to convey communication between characters...
  12. misc One page challenge

    Yeah... I can't see myself taking acting classes :)
  13. misc One page challenge

    I have this complex where as I am writing dramatic or romantic scenes + dialogue, I feel as though others are reading it and being reminded of "The Room' by Tommy Wiseau... "You're tearing me apart Lisa!"
  14. treatment What I learned from the frustration of (re-)writing 2 page treatments

    I find it helps to walk away from my script for a day or two before getting in there to do some rewriting. Perhaps it's just me but doing this helps flush out all the noise in my head I have accumulated during a writing session. No matter how hard I try at the moment, I simply end up going in...