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    New York Film Group?

    Thats really all I wanted to do and see what happened. If anything it'd be good for some laughs and beers.
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    New York Film Group?

    tahnsk dreddy, just joined up :)
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    New York Film Group?

    lmao awesome
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    New York Film Group?

    Hey guys, looking to start a NYC film group that would meet up at different public locations in case any of us are secret slashers. Its mainly for NYC people but if anyone from the neighboring states are ever in the area it's open to all. I think it'd be cool maybe grabbing a beer with other...
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    Top Ten Horror Movies

    Does no one like the rob zombie movies, specifically house of 1000 corpses, what about IT?
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    Closer to Creating Life in the Laboratory

    Einsteins theory of relativity was also never proven either. Each time they did an experiment something went wrong or they weren't set up in time for the eclipse. However, I do agree with his idea of a collective consciousness through the entire universe. I think thats what causes...
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    What did you think of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS?

    Yea it was real good. That scene when Xavier helps Erik channel his pain to move the satellite dish almost made me cry man.
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    Occupy Wall Street

    cool man.
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    Occupy Wall Street

    I actually work in the area, about two blocks away and pass Zucotti park almost every lunch(caught a woman protesting naked hoping for another someday). I have to say from a film making POV there aren't many people documenting the movement other than whats on the general social media sites. I...
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    Independence Day was weak in story

    did tyou guys hear about the electricity generators in london in some new mall. Its a bunch of small squares that depress when you step on them and they save the kinetic energy and convert it into electrical. The energy can be stored up to three days before it loses its charge.
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    Getting Funding

    Ain't that the truth
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    Anyone else pissed

    I think I might actually check it out this weekend.
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    Getting Funding This is kinda what I was saying.
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    Craigslist Casual Encounters section

    Thanks dready. This one guy I knwo is very good used to take acting classes myself with him. My cousin ehh, but I'm sure they both know at least a couple people that they could all meld together with. I think I'm gonna flesh out what kind of characters I want in it.
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    I need some quality free soundtrack websites

    Thats a great idea, why don't more musicians do this? I have no problem donating portion of potential profits to charities even if its the Republican party