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  1. hollywood David (Darth Vader) Prowse's items to be auctioned off.

    He had an British accent, so they had to get James Earl Jones to dub the lines. Many of the items would be of interesting historical significance.
  2. misc Low-budget LOTR from Russia.

    I respect low-budget filmmakers, for their heroic attempts to tell their stories in their medium. And this version of the Lord of the Rings was from the 1990's, when the Soviet Union was about to collapse.
  3. news How Disney Turned ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ Into a Princess Meets ‘Avengers’ Action-Adventure

    Marvel made its mark by telling stories about super heroes who have human problems, but it has since descended to an action-adventure CGI fanfare, with no story to it. And that's sad.
  4. pre-pro Web series

    The anecdotal evidence is that most web series will shut down, because they don't make money and the producers/directors run out of cash, so they don't end well. That said, many do it because they enjoy the craft and they get their names and credits out there, so it wouldn't be a total loss...
  5. actors Who're the next generation actors?

    Another good actor to compare with him would be the late Gregory Peck - he was a good Douglas MacArthur.
  6. actors Who're the next generation actors?

    Good point, Mara - I would have to say those in their 20's and 30's. By the way, I saw some Youtube videos of Plummer doing Shakespeare, and they didn't do anything for me. I guess that's why I didn't become an English major.
  7. actors Who're the next generation actors?

    OK, for us oldies, Captain von Trapp is gone, and so have many others of our generation or before. Who are the next up-and-coming Shakespearan actos that we should be watching for, especially those who will be in my (ahem) hypothetical science fiction movie.
  8. news RIP Christopher Plummer

    William Shatner was his understudy in theatre, apparently, and Plummer was a good General Chang. May he continue acting in the great theatre in the sky.
  9. Hello!!

  10. distribution Feature film is completed, looking for the next steps.

    Welcome to Indietalk. Get a distribution agent, and get a legal entertainment firm to protect your rights.
  11. copyright So a major studio admitted to stealing my script...

    Are you saying $75,000 or $7,500 up front? If they say $75,000 up front, they may be trying to get rid of you.
  12. copyright So a major studio admitted to stealing my script...

    If they sent that email, then show it to your intellectual property lawyers and see if there's grounds for a lawsuit. You may have a certain time limit to start your legal action, so don't delay. Good luck!
  13. Hello! I'm a jaded 30 y/o writer whose first feature-length script was stolen by a major studio

    Welcome, and writing rocks! Write all you want, write about what you want to write, write about thinking about what you want to write, but, above all, write!
  14. series I'm watching Cobra Kai

    I agree. The Way of the Fist has limited utility in modern society.