animation Zey The Mouse Stop-Motion Series Photo's and Video THREAD.

Hi, all

My name is Ian, i have been a film producer for 10 years, Myself and my team have been producing
a stop motion animation series called 'Zey The Mouse', all the character's/props/miniture's are
made my hand, using many material's, the character's are made from Fimo clay.

The show has appeared in (Newspapers), (a magazine), (TV News), (Exhibitions) (U.K Radio), Film Festival's).

Here are some photo's from the episode's and the Latest Short clip on YouTube

any stop mo Fans on indietalk? :)

Zey The Mouse Current Film Scene 2018.jpg

Zey The Mouse lower file 1.jpg

Zey The Mouse lower file 2.jpg

Zey The Mouse lower file 3.jpg
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